Grade 4

Grade Requirements


Mrs S. Huggett – Gr 4SH (Grade Head)

Miss L. Meyer – Gr 4LM

Mrs L. Higgs – Gr 4LH

Mrs A. Nel – Gr 4AN

Stationery Requirements:

Below is a list of stationary that is required for 2022. This list has already been handed out to learners at the end of Grade 3. Please make sure that your child has the correct stationery on the first day of school and that their stationery is individually marked.

Stationery list:

  • 1x A4 Flip File 10 Pocket
  • 1x Steadtler HB pencils (pack of 3)
  • 1x 2 Hole Metal sharpener
  • 1x Eraser (pack of 2)
  • 1x Shatterproof Ruler
  • 1x Steadtler Blunt nose scissors
  • 1x SHARP calculator
  • 1x Pilot Black Fineliner
  • 1x Steadtler Colour pencils (12 pack) + 2 HB pencils
  • 1x Bostik Glue Stick Value Pack 25g x 3 pack

Additional requirements:

  • 2x toilet rolls or a box of tissues per term

•       Hand sanitizer for personal use

Homework diary and school uniform:

If you have purchased a book pack for your child, they will receive 1x A4 hardcover book to use as their homework diary for Grade 4. If you are purchasing your child’s workbooks elsewhere, please make sure that your child has an A4 hardcover book for homework.

Please make sure that your child is wearing the correct school uniform before they leave for school each morning. Grade 4 learners have Physical Education on a Wednesday, therefore the learners may come to school in the correct sports attire, with white/ black takkies.

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