Grade 5

Grade Requirements


Mrs A. Viljoen – Gr 5AV (Grade Head)

Miss Z. La Grange – Gr 5ZL

Miss C. Kapp– Gr 5RC

Mrs P. Sassoli – Gr 5PS

Stationery Requirements:

  • 1x Butterfly Polyroll 480mm x 3m
  • 2x Glue Stick 25g
  • 1x Double Hole Tub Sharpener
  • 2x Erasers
  • 10x HB pencils
  • 2x Fine ballpoint blue pens
  • 1x Set of colour pencils
  • 1x Shatterproof ruler
  • 2x 10 Pocket Flip File
  • 1x 140mm Scissors
  • 1x 32cm Material Pencil Case
  • 1x English/Afrikaans 
  • 1x English Dictionary

“The Essential 26”

We have 26 “rules” in our grade.  Most of them are basic life skills and values that we want the learners to attain. Learners has these rules in their general file.



In all Subjects learners work in books. All learners also received a textbook for each subject. Learners must wear PE clothes on Thursdays. “Maths Recipes” – these are methods to help learners with calculations.  It gives them a method of working out sums.  You can use this book to help your child at home.

Extra English and Maths – your child might receive extra worksheets during the year in order to consolidate problem areas.


  • Homework must be written down daily. Learners copy precisely what is on the board regarding instructions e.g. Maths: Complete pg. 16 no. 2 & 3.  Homework must be checked by parents before signing the homework book.  Be very firm about homework; once the bad habit of not doing homework thoroughly is established, it is very difficult to break.  PLEASE DO NOT SIGN IN THE MORNING BEFORE SCHOOL as you cannot check properly and make your child finish homework not done!  They soon pick up that this is a good strategy if homework is incomplete so please don’t allow it.  Any letters or communication can be written in the homework books.

Evaluation and Assessment:

Emphasis is on skills acquisition as opposed to assimilation of knowledge and group work becomes important.

Assessment is an on-going process throughout the year – all tasks, tests, worksheets, projects, etc. count.  ALL subjects are assessed.

Exams are written in ALL subjects in June and November.

Tests are written on an ongoing basis and all count towards the final report mark.

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