Thursday, January 20, 2022


To be a school of excellence which caters for the needs of all children – a school which is a leader in the field of innovative teaching and education. It is a school where children will develop initiative, realising their full potential and one with which children, teachers and parents can associate proudly.


Bosmansdam Primary School is committed to developing children who will be able to take their rightful place in society as responsible, independent and well-integrated citizens.

This we shall do by:

  • maintaining a high academic standard
  • promoting a learning culture of critical, creative thinking
  • showing a caring, respectful and concerned attitude towards all children and encouraging them to treat others similarly
  • inculcating basic norms, principles and values
  • creating a pleasant and safe working environment for both children and teachers
  • encouraging close co-operation, communication and interaction between the school and the home
  • equipping children of differing abilities, aptitudes, interests, cultures and backgrounds for the demands of life in a constantly changing society
  • providing sporting and cultural opportunities to develop children holistically
  • instilling a sense of pride in and loyalty to the school
  • ensuring opportunities for children to develop their leadership potential
  • nurturing self-discipline, a good self-image and belief in the need to strive for excellence in all areas of life