2021 – Return to school


A message from Mr Hendrikse

Dear Parents

Good morning to all and we hope you are safe and well.

Our best wishes for the year. It is a difficult time for all and a time to be cautious and to follow health protocols and rules. This is in the best interest of all.

As you are probably aware, the Department of Basic Education held a media briefing with regards to the re-opening of schools.

According to what was said this morning the following applies. The re-opening date for learners will be Monday, 15 February 2021.

The group in which your child attends school will be the same as last year. The educators did communicate with you in this regard. More information will follow as soon as we have made the changes on Class DoJo. We will post the starting dates for each group.

The School Management Team will be at school from Monday, 25 January 2021. The official date for the educators will be Monday, 1 February 2021.

Please be safe and take extra care.

Kind regards